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Cross Training – The Magic Pill?

A great blog by Andrea Pesce¹ that may well be the cherry on top of your training. If your results have hit a brick wall even though you’ve been following your fitness routine faithfully, maybe it’s time to try cross training. What’s that, you say? It’s when you change your regular workout and add in other […]

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Core Alert

It’s great to have a 6-pack and all, but as a runner it is more important to have core strength and balance so you can be a healthier, more resilient runner. A solid core (thighs to ribs both front and back), correct imbalances that can lead to injury. And of course, a side benefit to […]

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About Runner’s Core

I LOVE TO RUN!!! There. I said it. Does it make me a little crazy? Maybe so. Hello. My name is Jason; and I’m a runner. I LOVE TO THE ROAD!!! A long lonely road is my sanctuary, though as you can see in this shot I don’t mind a little off road adventure either. I’ve ran […]

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