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Never Eat Again

I get it. If you are reading this (if you have time), one or more of the below bullets are you: You rarely eat breakfast because you get up so early to get to the office You get up early to workout and then don’t have time for food before you head off to work Working […]

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No-Bake Shakeology Protein Bars

There is no question that I love Shakeology. I have discussed the nutritional benefits of it before. It is one of the key cornerstones that helps me achieve real fitness and real health.  As much as I love my ShakeO, there are just times when I need a quick healthy snack on the go. I […]

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How Many Calories?

How Many Calories Do I Need? I often get asked: “Coach Jason. How many calories should I be eating?” Most of the time this question comes after I have beaten someone up for eating too few calories. Usually after a comment of: “I have no energy and the scale won’t budge. I eat good and […]

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