Why Choose an Online Coach?

It Saves Time
You get to choose when and where you workout without having to coordinate your busy schedule with that of a trainer and you don’t have to sit in traffic to go to the gym and deal with the “gym crowd.”

With Beachbody®, your workout is provided through a multi-week program that includes several DVDs. I will sit down with you and help you select the perfect program that will healp you meet your needs. Just “Push Play Today” is all you need to do for better fitness and health.

It Saves Money
The cost of a gym membership these days starts at about $30 a month. Throw in the cost of a fitness trainer that can run anywhere from $50 to well over $100 and hour. If you choose to work out in your home gym with Runner’s Core virtually by your side, just think of the money you will save every month (3x a week @ $50 a session with a trainer = $600 a month).

It’s Personal
You will have access to your Runner’s Core coach for any questions, concerns, feedback, motivation and inspiration. A personal connection is just a call, email or message away.

It’s Fun
With the team of Runner’s Core and Team Beachbody®, we offer you access to a private accountability and support group on Facebook where you will be surrounded by people just like you! When you check-in daily, you have the opportunity to develop fitness friendships and long lasting relationships with a fitness family. Running may be done alone, but life is meant to be played as a team sport! Fitness accountability groups allow you to connect with your team when it is convenient for you.

It’s Proven
Beachbody® is the leading producer of home fitness programs and Runner’s Core has been training in these programs for years. When you choose Runner’s Core, together With world renowned Beachbody® trainers such as Tony Horton, Shawn T, and Chaleen Johnson to name a few, you are in good hands.

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