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So You’re A Runner. Does That Make You Fit?

We’ve all seen it or been there ourselves: knee pain, foot pain, weak glutes, a wimpy upper torso. Or maybe you are a beginner runner that feels those pains all at once on a daily basis. Why is this you ask? Because you body is not in proper balance.

  • Your quads are stronger than your hamstrings.
  • Your glutes don’t fire when you run.
  • Runner’s knee
  • You have tight calves (or tight everything for that matter).
  • Your upper torso slouches forward when you run and is weak.

These are all things that can be caused by muscle imbalance, core weakness, and inflexibility in your body.

Don’t You Deserve To Feel And Look Like A Healthy, Athletic Runner?

Of course you do.

Running is freedom. But how are you free if your body is locking up and handcuffing your abilities? For me, I strive to achieve that freedom and I find it readily through an overall balanced fitness regimen. This type of approach causes my body to be more flexible, and with a stronger core. Additionally, I am stronger in those typically weak runner locations. When my fitness is strategically varied and balanced, my running becomes stronger with vastly reduced instances of aches and pains.

Now there will be many that argue that running alone will get you fit and healthy. Really? Do I need to hash over those aches, pains, and injuries listed above? I would hope not. Running, while incredibly good for cardiovascular health and weight maintenance, is not the Holy Grail of being fit and healthy. Otherwise every runner would look like Dean Karnazes. There is more that must be added to running to truly be fit – flexibility, core strength, proper nutrition, and balanced muscle strength.

So if you are looking to rid yourself of those running aches and pains forever, or looking to increase your flexibility, strength and balance to be a more efficient runner, or even looking to lose weight, the proven formula at Runner’s Core Challenge is your solution. That formula???


fitness formula


FITNESS. You and I will work together to choose a cross training solution that meets your needs and will assist you in achieving your goals. There are quite a few cross training fitness packages available for Runner’s Core Challenge though I find there are 2-3 that are perfect for runners because they will compliment your current running program. These cross training programs are quick-hitting and can be completed in your own home. No schlepping to the gym or sitting in traffic. Critical so you can get back to running.

NUTRITION. All Runner’s Core Challenge programs include a nutrition guide that has been prepared by an elite team of nutritionists. Why is this important? Because nutrition is 90% of the battle. Your package also includes a 30-day supply of a Super-Food smoothie that contains over 70 natural, nutritious ingredients picked from the most fertile soils from around the world. Nothing artificial. This is important because we want you to get off on the right foot – especially during those first 30 days when you will need it the most.

xtellSUPPORT. When you join the Runner’s Core Challenge, you will receive 1 on 1 peer support from a life-long runner and fitness fanatic. As a community, we will work to achieve your fitness and nutrition goals. When you choose to be a member of the Runner’s Core Challenge, you will be part of a community of runners committed to a balanced approach to fitness in order to run better and without injury. This support system has been set up to ensure accountability and success for all, giving you a lifetime of better/healthier running.

SUCCESS. When FITNESS + NUTRITION + SUPPORT come together, they create the “1st, 2nd, and 3rd place” finishes of fitness. By joining in the Runner’s Core Challenge, you will have access to all three elements on a daily basis. No matter if you would like to lose weight, increase lean muscle or improve running performance, the proven formula of the Runner’s Core Fit-Runner Bootcamp will give you the tools to get you the results. The only thing missing is YOU!!! 




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