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There. I said it. Does it make me a little crazy? Maybe so.

Hello. My name is Jason; and I’m a runner.

I LOVE TO THE ROAD!!! A long lonely road is my sanctuary, though as you can see in this shot I don’t mind a little off road adventure either. I’ve ran most all my life. Never much in a competitive manner other than the fun of a 10K, 1/2, or full marathon. Mostly just for the enjoyment of it and the fitness advantages. I love the ZEN of a good run, short or long.

My running started in my ARMY RANGER days and continued into my profession as a Police Officer. Fitness was and is a necessity in my careers. I’ve also found that cross training while running has made me a better runner and fitter as I age. I like to mix up my cross training programs every 2-3 months. Sometimes more lifting; sometimes working on flexibility; and sometimes High Intensity (HIIT) style cardio (my current cycle).

Helping others in my career as a Police Officer apparently is not enough for me. The past 4-5 years I’ve also transitioned into helping others with their fitness. Welcome the birth of Runner’s Core. Whether it’s being the Captain/Coach of my Police Running Team, or helping and inspiring you all here, I love what I do and have a passion for fitness and nutrition.

If you have a “why not,” I want to help you overpower it. What is a “why not?” It’s the excuse of time, fitness level, family, prior injury, money, or whatever you are putting between you and achieving better health.

Are you ready to take the steps to help make every run you have the best run of your life?

At Runner’s Core, we offer you a fitness solution that you can do in the confines of your home.

Runner’s Core is owned by Jason Wagner, who brings a lifetime of experience in physical fitness. With this background, Runner’s Core is able to uniquely address the need for a targeted fitness program that allows the running athlete to work out independently and efficiently.

Me being a dad

Are you ready to make your life a better life? More fulfilling? Better health and physical fitness? Better as a runner? Want to shrink that waist and get things proportioned the way they were intended? Are you looking for a fitness program and a nutritional approach that will help you become the old you or maybe even a you that you have never met? If the answer is yes, then JOIN MY TEAM! I offer a tough, yet reasonable approach to fitness and nutrition – one size does NOT fit all.

I am always looking for people to join my team – I’d love to hear from you if you think you might be interested!

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