Never Eat Again

I get it.

If you are reading this (if you have time), one or more of the below bullets are you:


  • You rarely eat breakfast because you get up so early to get to the office
  • You get up early to workout and then don’t have time for food before you head off to work
  • Working your butt off and realize that you are going to skip lunch…again
  • Need to work through lunch and your choice is to skip it or get some GMO/MSG laden take-out
  • Your working through dinner (again) and your choices will now be Taco Hell or McDeath

Is food just TOO MUCH of a burden in your busy life? Maybe it’s time you consider food as an engineering problem. You need amino acids and lipids, not milk itself. You need carbohydrates, not bread. Fruits and vegetables provide essential vitamins and minerals, but they’re mostly water. You need protein, not the cow.

So what is the answer? A magic pill like The Jetson’s used to take? Almost. More like a magic shake though. I’ll get back to that in a bit though. First…

shutterstock_182683421Let’s talk a little about nutrition. Are you tired half way through the day and need a coffee or energy drink? Do you have cravings? Maybe you feel like you’re in a fog. Would you consider your digestion regular? These are symptoms of poor nutrition. It means more than likely you are vitamin and nutrient deficient (this happens when you skip meals like you often do or live on take-out). When your body doesn’t get adequate amounts of nutrients, it reacts by making you feel hungry more often, gives you those “Sweet” cravings more often, you have trouble concentrating and your body gets tired. Let’s look into why. The average diet nowadays is based on a 2000 calorie meal plan a day. You may need more or less depending on your specific circumstances.  Most people don’t get enough vitamins and nutrients because the foods we eat lack nutrients and are overly processed. Even worse, when we don’t get enough calories in either because we are trying to lose weight or just don’t have time to eat, we end up subsequently cutting back the volume of nutrients that we are taking in. We feel physically drained, irritable, hungry and lose motivation.

What you need is something that is quick, tasty, and simple that provides you nearly all your daily vitamin needs. That way, you’re giving your body what it needs to repair, perform and feel better. When you do this, you feel better, have more energy, and are a lot more likely to stick with it. Fuel your body, don’t deprive it! Once that is done you can quickly get back to work.

“With so many products on the market, where can I find a reliable and trustworthy resource for a daily meal replacement?”

When choosing the supplements that I personally use:

  1. Is the product primarily made from high quality whole food ingredients?
  2. Is the product made with no artificial ingredients and especially no artificial sweeteners?
  3. Is the product manufactured by a company that stands on integrity and has a consistent reputation of creating quality products in the health, fitness and nutrition industry?
  4. Is the manufacture of the product sustainable for us and our environment?

This of course does not mean your own version of “Super Size Me,” living on McDonald’s dollar meals or five-dollar pizzas from Little Caesars.

You need simplified, fast nutrition at it’s best. Something that is made from:

  1. Whole food sources
  2. Has high quality protein
  3. Vitamins and minerals to feed you system for survival (nobody wants scurvy or rickets)
  4. Digestive Enzymes
  5. Pre and Pro-Biotics (the good bacteria that helps us absorb the good food)
  6. Phytonutrients and Adaptogen Herbs (combat disease and fight stress)

So where are you gonna get all that???

SHAKEOLOGY is the answer.

Shakeology, the “healthiest meal of the day,” has the absolute healthiest, most nutritional ingredients of any product out there. Ingredients that have very powerful antioxidant and adaptogen abilities like acai berry, Camu-Camu, maca root, and Sacha Inchi.

Darin O

Since 2006, Darin Olien has been trekking to tiny, isolated villages around the world, and meeting with the local medicine men and shamans to discover what foods they’ve been using to heal and promote health for centuries. Foods that western civilization has never been exposed to, but, as Olien tells says, could hold the key to untold health and wellness.

“This is not us coming up with some magic effect from these foods,” he says. “It’s observing what these ingredients provide, and being humble to what these people have been using successfully for millennia. That’s the power.”

Some of the 70 or so ingredients he has included in Shakeology have caused “incredible and profound” results according to Olien. He’s seen people who were overweight with dangerously high cholesterol drop significant weight and 80 or more points on their cholesterol levels once they drink his shakes. Enough that they can get off their prescription medications.

A little something from the creator himself, Darin Olien, AKA “The Ingredient Hunter” and the “Indiana Jones” of nutrition.

So it’s pretty obvious at this point. To supplement a meal or two in your day (that you were possibly skipping anyways) is truly what you need to thrive.

Do the research on your own and build your own shake with 70+ Superfoods (if you have the time), or simply go to this link and order:


But wait. Before you place your order, be sure to fill out the form below so you can qualify for your $10 Amazon Gift Card award and learn about cheaper shipping (just $2). You will get an instructions email soon after you fill out the form.

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