Outer Aisle Eating Plan


I hear too often: “What do should I eat?” or “I need an eating plan I can stick with.” People are confused. Why? Because so much boxed and bagged crap says “Healthy” or “Low Fat” or “Nutritious” and even “Fortified.” Most of it is sludge though that you would not even feed your pet. Ingredients made in a plant instead of from plants.


If it is in the outer aisles of the grocery store, you may eat it (except hot dogs and bakery). That is it. Simple. Right?

I’m imagining my grocery store and in the outer aisles I see fruits and vegis, nuts, and the deli. As we continue clockwise we get to the fresh fish/chicken/meat counter. Continue and we arrive at the frozen meats section. Hot Dogs – skip. Cheeses come next *moderation please*. Then comes eggs, milk, and Greek yogurt. That’s it. Well. Not actually. Spirits come next so stay away from those because they are high in calories and not good for a workout.

The end. Chances are you will not overeat because these foods are high in fiber, good fats, protein, and nutrients.

Jason Wagner Fitness

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