Racing in Hot Weather

Damn it’s hot out there!!!!

It has been shown, that running in any temperature higher than 50* will cause you to slow. The body has to work that much harder to cool itself. Now for all of those that say they run better in the heat…..not so much. You MAY enjoy the heat (crazy much??) but your body works more efficiently when the outside temperature is mild.

Legendary running coach Jack Daniels created an online calculator that will help you plan and account for exceedingly hot temperatures during workouts or on Race Day.

You can also use this calculator to see how much your race time was affected by the heat or will be affected.

As with any calculator, please be aware that this is formula for the average person. Individuals respond differently to the heat and some might be more or less affected than others on hot days.

I’ve used this in 100+* temperatures for my racing teams. It his worked like a charm and has afforded them in properly caing themselves.


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