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“I went shopping today and grabbed a pair of capris and got the wrong size. I grabbed a 6 which normally i would get a 10. So i looked at them and said don’t bother there is no way you are getting in a 6 maybe you will be lucky to squeeze into an 8. So yes i put them on and these were Too LOOSE on me!! I almost had a heart attack right there and then. Never in my life have i been smaller than a 10-12. PIYO is the #1 for me!!”
–Rosemarie L.

I cannot even begin to say how much I LOVE my challenge group! Each person is starting at a different fitness/health level, with a different story, but with the same goals in mind- to get healthier and fitter. I have always worked out alone in the past. This group not only challenges each of us to remain accountable, but is completely motivating. I am so addicted to learning from coaching as well as from other people in the group. I find myself addicted to logging in to make sure I am not missing anything. Not only do I feel I will get healthier and in better shape through this challenge, but I feel like I have made some lifelong friends all over the country. Priceless.”
— Kristine L.

“Before starting this challenge I was just a runner. I wasn’t really into clean eating or strength training and i hit a plateau. This took everything to a whole new level. Wonderful support from everyone in the group. It motivates me everyday to stick to my workouts and clean eating. After two weeks I am seeing inches shed and pounds lost. I hope to join the next challenge group when this ends.”
–Beth K.

You don’t just feel better physically but mentally as well! It’s so so full of support and totally judgement free! You also learn so so much from the coach AND other members from food ideas to training tips to motivation and more!! It is great to connect with other runners from your area to across the country as you all work to improve your lives and your running! I cannot say enough about how much this group has changed me in so many positive ways!”
–Trish H.

“Love this fitness challenge. Hands down, Best Coaches ever. The variety of exercises has made the building of my core so much stronger. My posture while running has improved. I was attracted to making a difference with the tools they provide for stretching, strengthening, sculpting and burning fat. I am getting so much more. The encouragement to succeed each day, the nutritional benefits and the choices set for me are real. It has improved my daily lifestyle. I am stronger and have been blessed with some of the most amazing people. To achieve and reach personal goals, it happens daily.”
–Julie K.

“I am so happy I joined! This has been a great experience. I have met so many amazing people. We share recipes, good days, bad days, and tons of support, oh…..and did I mention recipes??? So good! The workouts selected for me have really made a difference so far in my running. I had some knee issues here and there prior to starting 3 weeks ago. I have not had any pain at all! My running is improving and I am noticing some positive changes in my body and the way I feel in general. This program has really helped me stay on track and holds me accountable. I look forward to checking in everyday! BONUS: The jeans I bought before I started are loose. I need a belt!! Boot camp has really changed me for the better. It motivates me. I love all of the support from the other women and the coaches. This is an amazing experience. I am eating healthier than ever and loving the food! My family loves it as well! Everyone is exercising and eating better. It really has been life changing.”

–Mary-Ann S.

“Since starting the challenge I have made huge improvements in my nutrition and food choices. The workouts are challenging and in 2 weeks I already see a difference. Jason provides honest and helpful feedback. Being in a like-minded group is motivating as well!”

–Shawna S.

“I can not imagine where I would be without this challenge…it is the start of so many great years to come. I love the support, accountability, encouragement and most of all the friendship. I feel so great physically and mentally. This challenge has made me a happier person, better wife and mother. I can’t thank you enough Jason for making the time to change lives.”

–Tori M.

“Currently on week three and loving it! Feeling strength improvements in my weak areas (my arms). The workout has me feeling worked yet not tired at the end of it. Loving the results so far.”
–Ashly S.

“I am currently participating in one of Jason’s challenge groups and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I have always worked out alone in the past, but love the support of this group. It not only challenges each of us to remain accountable, but is completely motivating. I truly feel like I have made lifelong friends all over the country, as we support each other through these months.  I love learning from the coaching as well as from the other people in the group, as we share our struggles as well as our successes.  Two weeks in, I am already feeling stronger, and I plan to join another challenge when mine is over. Thank you for letting me be a part of this, Jason!”
–Kristine L.

“I participated in the Runner’s Core October Challenge group and was introduced to PiYo – a combo of Pilates and Yoga as well as Shakeology that came with it. It was exactly the kickstart I needed for the winter season and my offseason goals. It provided me with what I was missing nutritionally and components of cross-training that I didn’t realize were SO VALUABLE. For me (average, 40-something triathlete looking to improve and drop a few pounds), this was ideal. The weight loss and performance improvements were, and continue to be noticeable and are truly confidence builders. Already training 1 min/mi faster than last years race pace!!!!”
–Ann R.

“I’ll admit I was skeptical at first, but after the first day of Boot Camp, I fell in love. The people you meet and make as friends and the encouragement and support you receive is beyond anything I could have imagined. Not to mention our incredible coaches. It’s given me the motivation I needed to keep up a healthy lifestyle and it’s the best! I love Boot Camp and I can’t wait to fail on purpose to do it again.”
–Victoria B.

“Joining boot camp, was really game changing for me. I used to workout, but the discipline and motivation were missing. Sometimes, you really need a little push to keep going. Boot camp gives that with sufficient amount of support, encouragement, motivation and guidance from the Coaches and other boot campers! I truly love being a part of it.”
–Vidhi M.

“When I singed up for the 60 day challenge I hope it would be the transformation I was looking for. Jason is very helpful we worked together on which program would be best for me. I am very happy with the results. Having the group has made a big difference. If you are serious about changing your fitness then this is a great way to do it.”
–Catherine L.

“I’m currently participating in the December Challenge Group. There are two key words here: December = Holidays and Challenge = tough during the Holidays! But this group has been very supportive and lots of fun! Started using Shakeology and Insanity Max 30. Love it! I was looking for a change of pace in my cardio routine and this fits the bill for the next 60 days. Looking forward to continuing my health commitment. Exercise and eating right is a life style change not a temporary one. If you want to be active as you age you have to keep moving. I love getting on the floor and playing with my grandchildren. And they love it too! Happy to be a part of this group!”
–Diane C.

“I have been in Jason’s Runner’s Core Challenge Group and it is the best decision. I have improved on my running so much since the group first started and my nutrition stays on track with having the accountability of others in the group. I love the group and the challenges. I have done things that I don’t think I would have ever tried before joining this group. One thing for sure – you will not regret joining one of Jason’s groups and you definitely won’t want it to end.”
–Elishia B.

“I’ve realized that every single pair of shorts that I own are so big on me now that I don’t have to unbutton them to take them off… Good sign.”
–Leanne B.

“I’m in one of Jason’s groups and it is awesome!!! Just knowing that he and the other people in your group are helping you and motivating you helps soooooo much. I can’t even tell you how much!! As I told Jason, I was floundering when I was trying to workout by myself. When you have a group of like minded people to push you, you excel!! Do it – you won’t regret it because that little black dress is waiting for you!! My boyfriend and son noticed. But the big thing is what I’ve noticed! My balance and focus has gotten so much better as I’ve progress through the workouts. I have MS. Obviously I am still able to work, workout and function somewhat normally. I knew that being fit helps my symptoms but I forgot how much it helps! I feel like a new person! Jason I can’t thank you enough for giving me the initial push.”

–Judy M.

“I am glad I signed up for this challenge. Jason has been a supportive and encouraging matter where you are in your fitness abilities there is a program that will help you get where you want to be.”

–Catherine L.

I’m loving this challenge. The motivation the support. Make it easier to accomplish your goals even when you are not in the mood with all the support you get er done. And feel great you did it. And Jason’s tips and information are awesome and so helpful. I recommend it to everyone”

–Sarah H.

“These challenges have made it possible for me to change my lifestyle for the better. I’ve learned so much and have met some truly wonderful and encouraging people! I’m feeling stronger and healthier, I love it!!”
–Celena D.

“I ran my first marathon last November and was looking for a way to stay motivated with my running and nutrition. Runner’s Core suggested PiYo as a way of augmenting my running regimen (I was skeptical since I like to sweat during my workouts and yoga had never done this for me). Well, I was wrong. PiYo is an awesome no impact workout that supplements my running perfectly. I also drink Shakeology-as a snack, as a meal sometimes, and even last night as a dessert! I feel motivated each day to get up and do something-whether it be PiYo, spin, bootcamp, or running. When I don’t feel like doing something all I need to do is see the other people in the group giving this program their all and I know I need to get my game face on. Can’t recommend this enough to anyone who is looking for expert advice on fitness and nutrition while having fun!”
–Beth K.

“The group has motivated me to get up and exercise. I feel happier with myself because I’m doing something positive just for me. This is not for my family or friends, it’s all about me getting healthy. I go into my closet and pull out my pants and they all fit. My wedding ring twists around my finger (will need to get it resized) and my double chin is almost gone.”
–Amanda B.

“Finished the WDW half marathon. It was a new PR for Disney races. I had a flawless race with no injuries and minimum pain at the end. The Piyo was instrumental in my success. I am very glad that I joined your group.”
–Kelly Z.

“This group has been huge in my success. Accountable and motivated. Total inches lost at 4 weeks were my biggest shocker and proud moment. The weight is now starting to come off. I fit into a pair of my size 6 dress pants yesterday, and they zipped and buttoned! In a few weeks I’ll wear them when they’re not as tight and more appropriate for work I am so thankful for you! Cannot wait til spring when I can start running outside again too!”
–Lynsee A.

“I have been in Jason’s group for the last six weeks and it has been an incredible experience. I never felt like I needed the accountability of a group or a coach until I had it. The changes in my strength, nutrition and the way I look and feel in this short period of time has been nothing short of amazing. You won’t regret signing up!!”
–Melanie R.

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